Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Many ROBLOX Items Are Offensive To Christians, it's evil, it's darkness, I leave.

I am leaving roblox because the items have offended me and made me feel un-peaceful about playing the game. God has spoken to me in a way that made me look at roblox from a different perspective. What do I mean by this? Well, I'll explain.

I am very very ill as many of you know, I've had this illness for a year now. My uncle made a 6 hour journey just to come down to pray for me. He's been to Africa and India, praying for people. He's seen demons cast out and people being healed. He was trying to look for doorways into how the devil could of come into my life, or any evil spirits. As he came over I showed him how awesome I thought roblox was, so then I started to build an example game to show him how I built games. In this process he spotted the "Spawn Location" and said "What's That? It looks satanic, it looks like an evil symbol." I tried to explain that it's where the characters spawn. But I thought about it and it did look like a weird symbol, so I tweeted David about it, no reply. I asked on the forum if anyone knew what the symbol stood for, no real explanation.

So I thought to myself "Oh well, I could just change the spawn image on my computer to something else just in case." So I let it "slide" a bit as I thought it may be nothing.

Anyway so then I showed him around the website. THIS is when from a different perspective THE CATALOG IS FILLED WITH ABOUT 300 ITEMS TO DO WITH EITHER "EVIL, DARKNESS OR DEATH." I said to my uncle "But you don't have to buy the items!" he said "True but I would not want the option of buying them."  

I looked through the pages of the catalog and look ;O oh yes,  It's not like the spawn thing that I'm not sure what it means, but it's REALLY OBVIOUS when you see the name of the hat "THE DUKE OF DEATH" So lets see, I wouldn't take a go into a room with a helmet like that in it LET ALONE LET THE HELMET CALLED THE DUKE OF DEATH Have an image of itself in my house! 

To be honest I HATED IT, why? Because it's true that the hats on roblox are very evil... The hats on roblox are not good to see.

DID you know? All over the world people get demon possessed because they do not know what they've got themselves into! The devil is so sneaky, he tries to get people into the mind set of "It's Only" then he can get into their minds.

I was really disheartened at first. But then I thought "WHAT IF I DON'T BUY THE ITEMS? It's like going into a shop and not buying evil things." I thought this would make it fine and that the devil could not get into my life if I did not buy them..


How did I realize this? God told me. He made me realize how sneaky the devil can be and how we should be careful what we let into our homes.

Think of it this way if your not a Christian...

  • If there's a Hell, there's a Heaven
  • If there's  A Devil, there's a God.
  • IF everything in the bible is true and you've given your life to Christ then GREAT!
  • However if your a christian in the bible is not true and there's not heaven or hell, then WE'VE GOT NOTHING TO WORRY ABOUT.
As a Christian myself, I'm really shocked about the power of God. He's so amazing, he gave only son to die on the cross to SAVE ALL MY SINS! He snatched the keys of DEATH from the devil so that whoever makes a decision to be a Christian shall not perish, but have eternal life with him in heaven!

I became a Christian at around 5-6 years old. I'm 14 now. Throughout my life, God has made a HUGE impact. My very own mother was in big danger, her spine was a S-BEND. They told her she'd be in a wheel chair, but then we prayed many times. It was at church when she was praying she got healed! the doctors had no explanation they were speechless!

People laugh at me for telling them about my faith with God, or my religion, they find it funny that I'd give all my stuff up, to make sure I could have a better life. I don't get angry at them, I pray for them that they will come to realize the truth. As the devil is so sneaky that he tries to hide things in things we find pleasure in doing! 

I have all these good things about roblox.

  • Get a lot of fun out of it
  • Fame
  • Friends
  • This Blog
  • Skill
  • Loads of robux
  • Loads of groups
Here's my message to the staff and the fans of roblox.

I'm leaving roblox, because it's offended me, it's surprised me that the hats are so evil. Every time I try to go on a game on roblox now, I don't feel peace. I prayed to God to give me a real sign to show that if I should leave roblox, leave a sign for me to be sure. So, would you believe it.. On my blog I had 666 page views on the DAY I asked for a sign! 666 page views total that day! I thought this could of just been a coincidence so I asked God the next day to clarify that if I should defiantly leave roblox make the number of my current pageviews for the second I turn the page to 666. I WAS BLOWN AWAY! It was 666! 666 is the number of man, the number of sin. Also right after I prayed 3 evil hats were uploaded. But the main sign being, that I did not feel right playing roblox and the fact that roblox are promoting darkness in hats, really is sad. That means as a christian, playing roblox is against God's will, playing roblox will only make me more un-peaceful, it could even result to bad spirits in my house. God tells us in the bible "Abstain from every form of evil" - 1 Thessalonians 5:22. I will be praying hard for roblox, as I enjoyed the game so much, but it's now polluted by the devil. People don't realize the reality behind masks and it offends me when people think 'it's only a hat.' If they say 'It's Only' it just proves that they do no believe in the danger that evil masks and hats can bring, even just an image of a satanic hat can cause great danger.  My parents payed out LOADS of money for Outrageous Builder's Club Lifetime, yet I'm willing to give up all my fame, my blog, my robux, my hats. WHY? Because God is real, I've been touched by God and he's showed me that roblox is bad for me. ROBLOX would be an awesome place without offensive/evil hats, but those items do exist on roblox and I can't control when I see these items, nor would I want to promote such content. For this reason I quit.

My friends, I will still continue to talk to you, whether that is my xfire, YouTube, Skype or so on. My xfire is <removed>, my skype is <removed>, my YouTube is <removed>.

Dear JTroopers,
We've had some good times, but good times can be had with bad stuff like drugs and smoke, however there are CONSEQUENCES of doing so. So I am no longer going to keep TheJTroopers running, nor am I going to give the group to someone else. I don't want to encourage people to stay on a game that offends me and promotes evil as fun to wear in game! 

I will not be donating any robux either, that will only encourage people to stay on the game that offends me longer.

If you look in the community guidelines, roblox say:
 * Offensive Account Names,Profiles,Place descriptions

Accounts with obviously offensive text will be immediately banned.

Yet in their very own hats there is offensive content!

Some people don't realize the seriousness of some things because it's the "It's Only" part that tricks most people.

I leave you this final note as I leave Roblox and end this blog.

God tries to bring the best in people, The devil tries to bring the worst. The devil has managed to do this in roblox by getting users to think "it's only a bit of fun" but at the same time putting these evil hats onto they're character's head. This allows the evil to get into that person's mind as it's a doorway in for the devil to bring thoughts and spirits into a home. I leave roblox because of it's offensive and evil items in the catalog. People can laugh about it all they like, but I'm laughing and singing with God, because I know I've done the right thing. 

TheJKid - no longer plays roblox 

[Update; I am pleased to say that the roblox CEO David Baszucki spoke to me via voice to get feedback on why I left, he agreed that I made the right decision as I was offended by their content.]


  1. im speechless! and im, ME!? wow, you gotta write a book!

  2. You will be missed, my friend. I agree with this post - but I seem to be to addicted to quit.


  3. Not to mention - ROBLOX is against Christians. Take a look at this Christian group -

    It used to be called "Jesus Rockz!" until an idiot admin decided to change it.

    1. I'm a Christian who is deeply tuned with God but I not sure.I think I might need a sign.But I think I can trust in my brother(spiritual brother).

  4. Jordan Will Be Missed He Is One Of My Favourite Friends I Have Met I Agree With This Post As Roblox Is Getting Worse And Worse And Worse Im Leaving It More More And More So I Will Help Defend This Post In Any Way

  5. TheJKid is there any other way I can stay in touch with you?

  6. Well, this made me feel like I should quit too. So good bye ROBLOX.

  7. I think you made the right decision even if it means you leave behind a great career opportunity. Cheers Jordan!

  8. @sourcer sure, my email is

  9. Why must we lose another..... :(

    1. Did you even READ the whole thing?

  10. I'm a Christain too. Jords,you did the right thing. You save my soul from evilness by posing it here. I no longer play roblox also. I will support this shout in any way possible.

  11. i agree with you i will write a load of complaints to roblox builderman and telamon roblox is offensive and as thejkid was my best friend on it i shall be off it too this is alexander t morrison sighning off roblox for good

  12. I'm a Catholic. I believe there's a devil, he does the WORST things in your life. I have a family member who went through cancer. He/She had a tumor the size of a soccer ball in her liver. God helped that doctor at my city, to get the tumor out of her body, God preforms maracles, he does. They happen, Jesus is not on the world anymore. Does that mean God is not here? No. His spirit is always with us. If you don't say that TheJkid's story is a maracle or mine. You have the wrong idea. I am learning about God's maracles every few months. I am growing in faith of God. I belive in God now and every day.

    Guess what now? I went on a online bible and this popped up;

    “Do not those who plot evil go astray? But those who plan what is good find love and faithfulness.” Proverbs 14:22 NIV

    Another maracle. He is with me, he is with us, he is with the world, he is with the universe! I feel a connection with him and I am holding back tears. I hope you have a good life, I hope you have a life with no sin. And I hope you will go to Heaven when your time comes.

    God Bless,


    My family member is doing fine. He/She is done with chemo. I hope your illness will go away soon!

  13. After this post... I wanted to leave so bad...but I'm afraid I'm too adicted and want to get a job at ROBLOX...I'm speechless and I agree with Tyler below...You should wright a book!! You will be missed. I enjoyed all the "Fun scripts" and hat review. :)

    1. Jordan's brother(TheCoolDog/Fun script maker).

      I'm the one who makes the fun scripts. If you want to contact me contact me on xfire: josiahrichards

  14. I'll respect your decision to leave, but I must ask out of interest, what is to happen with the site now? Are you just going to leave it as is like an Archive of what you've done, etc?

    1. Hes leaving it fro people to read

      -Jordan/TheKid's bro-

  15. Thank You! Your a True Messenger from God. My Family and I are True Christians and you showed me how ROBLOX is full of darkness and is Satanic. I will no longer play ROBLOX. My mom always tells me that ROBLOX isnt good and is addicting Kids to buy Robux. I truly regret not listening to her these past 3 Years. Last night my Mom told me she prayed for me to stop playing ROBLOX and then i see this.God is truly real. Id like to have a Believing Friend like you. E-Mail me @ and God Bless You!

  16. Hey Jordan's/TheJKid's brother here(TheCoolDog/Fun script maker) if yo uwant to contact me, contact me on Xfire: josiahrichards. K.I.T(Keep in touch)

  17. This has helped me realize the devil is taking a huge impact on my life right now.
    I like music and music videos, and I realize that, he is sneaking evil right into my music.
    "Red Flag", "Devil At A Midnight Mass", "Devil On My Shoulders", "Voodoo People, Pendulum Remix", all evil, evil, evil.
    And these are my FAVORITE SONGS!
    I think the devil may or may not have something to do with this.
    This has propelled me to give up some of my favorite music, including "Party Rock Anthem".

  18. Ah, thank you, TheJKid. We need ROBLOX fix that problem... But, my quit date is: 1/1/2013. That reason is these update are worst and made too many evil hats. (Classic Hats are good sometime). I will leave roblox by 1/1/2013 aswell.


  19. I went to your account hoping to join thejtroopers and saw that you left I read this article. I don't know why I didn't quit. Then I asked myself is roblox more important than God? of course I realized I should have left. Thank you for posting this I wouldn't have quit without it. I hope builderman will get rid of the hats as I saw the update.
    Skype: edvarn

  20. Thank you for pointing this out to me. I wouldn't have left if it wasn't for you.
    Contact me on skype: edvarn

  21. I do agree with you. And i'm proud to be a christian also.

  22. I would quit, but that wouldn't change a thing. Someone needs to do something about this!

  23. This is such an inspirational speech.
    Makes me want to quit as well.

    And can anyone contact you?

  24. Without you TheJKid I would of been burning in hell.Even my mom Laughs at me for playing ROBLOX She says "What is this? This is a Satanic Game don't play it" And past 3 Years playing ROBLOX I saw your messege and I was like "Who Cares!" But then I thought about my BIG BIG Faith in God and I was like "I quit" You saved my life from Evil brother I hope I could contact you See you soon and May God Bless you and your Family and Mom of course and Everyone else I hope the people at ROBLOX Quit.. Now I play Blockland a Good game Nothing Offensive! Anyways Good luck and may god bless you and your Family TheJKid

  25. your right allmost everythings offenseiv i still play roblox but i quit games if i see or hear any thing obuseiv. i wish i could have a facebook or a twiter acount anda agree with this post. i no longer play clubpenguin

  26. I reported roblox to builderman he will try to take it down

  27. Yea.. I hope Team ROBLOX would delete all evil hats.

  28. I'm the same way...I've been sucked into Satan's hole,so it's too late for me.

  29. This has changed alot of my life.
    I am a christian, I know about all those things like illuminati, NWO, ect.
    I am now quiting because of this site.
    Thank you! God bless you!

    (I will be now playing xbox, mw3)

  30. Bye THeJKid :(
    Well for because of reading that, i'm quitting ROBLOX too. Bye ROBLOX.

  31. Jeffrey Gatton, there is way. Jesus died for us to SAVE us from sin! It's never too late!

    1. Jordan I Wish To Interview About Your Passion For Peace As Im From The Roblox Gazzet

  32. I read this a few months ago when he posted this but I forgot to reply. Thank you for saving my life from evil. The devil is truly sneaky. I am a strong Christian and I shall try and contact you Jordan, I hope everyone knows the power of this message and God bless you Jordan Richards

  33. Oh Jordan, thank you. I used to think of ROBLOX as fun. And the hats as just hats. After reading this whole thing. Well. I am in shock. Jordan, thank you for helping me realize how ROBLOX has turned. Get rid of that sign on the spawn. Get rid of evil hats. I almost broke my next in 2011 or 2012, but I prayed and prayed and my family and friends did too. I got better. I didn't break it. I'm lucky. God is good all the time, all the time, God is good. Thank you Jordan. The devil is truly sneaky. Oh lord, you have led me to this blog to realize what the devil has been doing to a game that is supposed to be kid friendly. Well, I'll miss my friends on ROBLOX. ~PumpkinHead105~ 2011-2013

  34. leaving because of that wow

  35. Now focusing on this:
    [Update; I am pleased to say that the roblox CEO David Baszucki spoke to me via voice to get feedback on why I left, he agreed that I made the right decision as I was offended by their content.]

    This statement is completely false. The CEO of Roblox Corp. has not interviewed any 'customer' on why they left Roblox. There is no documentation about any such thing.

    Now for the common sense part of this statement. No CEO of any game would agree to anyone that leaving their own business is a good idea. He would not thing that someone should leave his own game. First of all, they do not have the time to somehow interview someone out of millions of people. (Unless they have great significance, which you have not shown.) He is busy managing, expanding, and doing more with Roblox instead of worrying about why someone left their game. This happens ALL the time to any major online game. There are many reasons too, such as, "I got a job", "I don't have time", "I got interested in something else", etc. I can say with great certainty that this is a lie. Putting this only downgraded your "facts" from "potentially false" to "false." Now the opinion part of it is not false, because it is simply your opinion. You are taking this post and acting like it is a factual and persuasive post, when it is an opinionated post.

    1. Proof:

      He told me that if I was offended I should leave and follow my heart.

  36. Come on man this is a hoax. All comments here are approved and I bet half of them are you.

    I can tell because it is the same way you spoke in the post. This is not Christian-like. This is hypocritical and if it's what I think, then this is a sin.

    My posts wont be seen besides by you, and no on else is going to see them because of this hoax.

    I spent all that time typing. You won't approve because I bet this will be "offensive" and against you when it is not.

    I am sure all the "blogspot comments" are you for sure because they all say the same thing. They all relate to leaving Roblox, not much else. The others relate to religion, not much else. It is obvious. If you believe what you put in that post, doing this is just as bad.

    1. "Come on man this is a hoax. All comments here are approved and I bet half of them are you."
      Contact any of the people posting comments and I guarantee they'll admit to posting them.

      "I can tell because it is the same way you spoke in the post. This is not Christian-like. This is hypocritical and if it's what I think, then this is a sin."
      After reading a blog article, you tend to write like the author wrote in the comments.

      "My posts wont be seen besides by you, and no on else is going to see them because of this hoax."

      Oh really now?

      "I spent all that time typing. You won't approve because I bet this will be "offensive" and against you when it is not."
      Firstly, I could type what you wrote in under 5 minutes, just like I have typed this. Secondly, it's not offensive at all, I just laughed at your lack of logic in your comment. You probably just can't understand. Unless you understand the spiritual side, I don't expect you to. But please stop with your flame.

      "I am sure all the "blogspot comments" are you for sure because they all say the same thing. They all relate to leaving Roblox, not much else. The others relate to religion, not much else. It is obvious. If you believe what you put in that post, doing this is just as bad."
      Well, that just proves that your logic is flawed. These people have made google accounts, think how many email addresses and the time it would take to make all the accounts. Also, contact any of them people and ask them yourself.

      Thanks for commenting, you entertained me :)

  37. I am blown away! You are a good writer!

  38. Congratulations, you made me drift away from roblox, I have been playing this game for a little more then 2 years now, and I never notice the satanic hats and gear in this game.
    Quit on August 9th, 2013, My name is edis13.
    I am done with roblox.
    I will be logging on every few weeks to check the messages, but thats it.
    Have a nice day, jordan.

  39. i quit to this really changed my mind about roblox now im getting to understand all that and i looked through the catalog i found this demonistic helmet that almost scared me to death here and even just look up demon in the catalog look at that what a thing i mean for real

  40. Thank you. It just... made my day. I have quit Roblox and I hope that I will not be tempted to come back. The thought of quitting kept running in my mind without knowing why. But, now, I have found the reason. I've been wondering what I have done that kept me guilty each day... and the answer was Roblox. The answer was already in front of me. I thank you for this article. Thank you for sharing your experience. Sharing it made people closer to God. Thanks. :D

  41. :D I feel better after Quitting ROBLOX :D

  42. if u have quit can i have your account

  43. Ah I like how you only approve comments supporting your point of view. If anyone is a sinner it's you m8.