Want to see all the news for TheJTroopers? Press this button.                                   Introduction  TheJTroopers are a really fun, modern and active clan on Roblox. Not to mention, TheJTroopers are really high-tech, therefore it'll give you an awesome roblox experience. Many members of TheJTroopers have stated that it improves the fun and action that they get on Roblox by at least 50%! So if the current members are super happy, I'm sure you'll be too! In TheJTroopers you'll be overwhelmed by the amount of events that we hold. Such as a huge amount of raids, meetings and training! We also hold victory parties and promotions and elections. Join today! But before you do, you need to pass the cadet tests and training also. be sure to read the rules and information. Here's the link to TheJTroopers: Rules and Information guide. Like most things in life, without rules or guidelines things would be chaotic! So TheJTroopers have a carefully thought out Rules and Information guide. Along with the promotion guide too. Remember if you want to join you MUST follow the rules! If you have an idea that you’d like to pass down to me, P.M one of the higher rank members and they’ll pass it down to me. If I like it I will follow it through and we will get better as time goes on. Because after all, T.J.T is a group full of people’s opinions and ideas. Raiding T.J.T Are well known for our awesome raiding skill, in order to maintain this achivement, we must keep our standerd high. There are 3 types of raids in T.J.T 1) Member Mini raid = This is when a few troops decide to do a raid on a T.J.T Enemy by themselvs, no group shout, no big plan meeting. 2) T.J.T Attack = This is when a shout is posted about the raid, the commander of the raid is metnioned in the shout. Obey the raid commander at all times in the raid. But there is no big raid plan. 3) T.J.T Time! = This is a full asssult raid when a shout is posted and we meet first to plan tactics and formations. Then we outnumber the enemy and show loads of skill. Again the leader of the commander of the raid is mentioned in the shout. When doin a "T.J.T Time!" Raid, first we ALL meet here: Then we plan and take out the enemy base with one Swift STROKE! In raids we use "J!" When we are all ready to attack, it's our eblem and we like to show it off! But don't spam, but use "J!" Often! "We stand for J! Use it in battle as an attack signal! Joy, Justice and get members to join! - J!" In Raids, I may use "Speech: WORDS TO SAY HERE" ========================================================
(1) Never be in any of T.J.T’s enemies. The punishment for this will be an exile.

(2) Always listen to the Leader.

(3) Always try your best to attend meetings, training and battles.

(4) Always show loyalty and respect one another. We’re all the same so no quarrelling, remember the better we get on with one another, the better we’ll work as a team in battle.

(5) Try your best to get and wear uniform in meetings, battles and training.

(6) Never spam on the group wall.

(7) In meetings NEVER shout out, when a person is talking, listen! e.g. I am asking a question about improving the HQ and everyone is talking (flaming) about other stuff.

(8) NEVER nag to be ranked up. (be patient)

(9)NEVER make a fake uniform.
(10) NEVER make a fake T.J.T group.
_________________________________________________________________________ A thing to remember that to even move up one rank you NEED TO TRY YOUR BEST. That means trying your best to attend meetings, training and battles. - This applies for all the ranks. Another thing to remember that I will select Guards to guard the HQ and use the helicopter and to help with defending raids. These are loyal members. (This is not a rank it‘s just a special opportunity) How to move up to the following ranks... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Private -------- Buy and wear uniform. If I am not in BC then I may move you up if you are loyal (When you buy uniform post on group wall so I can move you up) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Lieutenant ------------- This position is for people who get involved a lot with T.J.T and show a basic understanding in either politics, building, scripting or fighting. Remember we reward all attributes not just fighting. You need to show loyalty by trying your best to attend meetings, training and to try hard in battles. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Captain ----------------- This position involves all the skill of a Lieutenant and also a more advanced understanding of either politics, building, scripting or fighting. To secure this position you need to show a basic understanding of leadership. - you can rank up Privates to Lieutenants and help with finding who’s go the uniform. Alot of involevent in T.J.T Is needed, loads! Recruit, help, train members and keep active! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Major ------- This very rewarding position requires determination and you need to show a very advanced understanding of politics, building, scripting or fighting and you need to have advanced leadership skills. Once you have proven that you have these skills (in promotion meetings, training or battles/raids.) the higher ranks will decide on weather you should be promoted or not. When your in this rank you should pass down information from meetings down to me with in 2 weeks. Alot of involevent in T.J.T Is needed, loads! Recruit, help, train members and keep active! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ General ---------- These members pass down information from meetings and can hold meetings when the General Is busy. Alot of involevent in T.J.T Is needed, loads! Recruit, help, train members and keep active! (SPECIAL PERMISSION) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Major General ----------------- These members hold meetings and training. They also help organise the groups and accept join requests. In battle and raise they also help keep the groups organised and make them stay in their right positions when attacking. Alot of involevent in T.J.T Is needed, loads! Recruit, help, train members and keep active! (SPECIAL PERMISSION) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 2nd In Command --------------------- These are people who I know very well and are really loyal and cover every rank. (SPECIAL PERMISSION) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ----------------------- SPECIAL PERMISSION They are mostly people who I actually know or people who are really loyal to me on Roblox. I select them myself, that means no one else has the decision but me. They stand out to me and attend almost every T.J.T event, also they are very active. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ So now that you know the rules, promotion guide. I'll give you some more information. DIVISIONS In TheJTroopers we have 3 other divisions. These are made not only to separate the different types of people in TheJTroopers,  they are made so I can give each division a special ability in TheJTroopers' Bases. Pilots This group is for the troops that are good at flying aircraft. In this group you prove your skill in the air, by guarding T.J.T Bases often and keep training. Message a Air Support Manager to be checked to see if you are a Lieutenant or higher, if you are you then have to be tested to see if your worthy of the Pilot abillity for access into this group. Guards This group is for the ultimate fighters! The Best Of The Best of TheJTroopers. Access into this group will only be only by getting tested and succeeding, in a Guard Test. If you've been told that you've completed the test send a request. I will have examiners PM on the list. Current benifits: Be allowed into the "Guard Only" places in T.J.T Bases. Guards Uniform:
High Ranks This is the official TheJTroopers High Ranks devision. To enter this group you must be captain or above. If you are in Captain or above and you want to be accepted into this group, send a message to one of the generals or major generals.  The Guards and High Ranks are no-better than each other, however Guards are the elite fighters and High Ranks are more for the people who can hold training and hold some events. Therefore High ranks are allowed into some places that are useful to hold training etc.. This group allows you into the ''High Rank' only areas in TheJTroopers' Bases. 
Information given in this group should NOT be leaked out to lower ranks, Unless I give permission. Restult to disobeying this is being exiled.
The current uniform is this. You must wear the uniform whenever you participate in TheJTroopers events.
As for the hats, you must wear something that goes with the uniform, e.g The Bloxxer cap, or something red, white, grey, black. It does not matter too much, just make sure it goes with the uniform.
So now you know ALL about TheJTroopers, I hope this has helped you a lot! I will post lots of news about TheJTroopers on this blog so keep an eye out!