Wednesday, 3 August 2011

TheJTroopers Victory 46!

Once again an awesome day for TheJTroopers! After an awesome raiding training raid against Vortex Security At Fort Valour. We head the base for 31 mins and 9 seconds then got hacked and nuked as shown in the video. An awesome victory for all my troops. A total of 16 TheJTroopers took part against over 20 Vortex men (total, after rage quitters etc.) We all strived to take control and when we did, they could not stop us!

Here's an awesome YouTube Video I made of the raid for valid proof!

During the raid training I also took useful screen-shots for valid proof of our victory. Here they are for those anxious eyes. Never the less, this is PWNAGE!

So as you can see... pretty EPIC right? If your not in TheJTroopers you should join here:

I would like to thank all members that attended training today. Remember to keep active and listen to the shout. Also follow this site so you can keep track of all TheJTrooper's news!

Great Work!
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