Friday, 23 September 2011

New Limited U! - Brighteyes' Summer Vacation Leftovers

Okay firstly Hotbaboo is normally the hat reviewer, but when I saw this hat, I just could not help writing about it. There is a new Limited U Item in the Catalog called Brighteyes' Summer Vacation Leftovers. This hat has been a successful investment for some people and a reminder to people of the past summer, holidays, laughs and fun! What better way to remember than a nice Limited U catalog hat.

The hat is very unique and funny. Brighteye's uses the phrase "For The Win" in the description which encourages more users to like the hat because for those of you who don't know, Brighteyes has a lot of fans! :3 Ahem, anyway, here's what the hat looks like.

My favourite part of this hat is the expression that the starfish is holding, it's as if he's worn out after a long summer under the deep blue sea. Another part of this hat I really like are the colours, they all go together really well and wrap up the summer in one big heap.

Keep an eye out for the next hat review, that will actually be done by the hat reviewer: Hotbaboo!
Until Then.

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