Monday, 3 October 2011

Beginners Guide To Creating A Successful Group

Okay this is a nice beginners guide helping you understand what makes a good group and what you should do. It's all about remembering what's written here, it's important that you miss nothing at all out.

I suggest you start by deciding on what group you want to make weather it be a fan club, a group about a certain thing e.g. racing games on Roblox for example. Think long and hard about if your making the group about the right topic.

Once it comes to creating it. You need to think of a good, nice name. Make sure you use propper grammar and spelling for the name, because you can't change it again! For example if it was a group about roblox racing cars then a good name would be "Roblox Racing Team" and you could say "RRT For short" this would make it easy to talk about and people would find the name catchy.

The next thing to concentrate on is deciding on how you should type your description out. One of the most popular ways, is scruffy and it just does not work well. For example "We talk about cars here!!!11!" is an example of a bad, short, unsuccessful description.

Here's an example of a good description.
"When your on the Roblox road, in your favourite designed car, something awesome happens. You just want to tell people about the event, but you can't. Well this group will sort that out. Had a crash? Gone up the biggest ramp ever in Roblox history in a car? Talk about it all here! This group is for the people who love being behind the wheel in Roblox and you can talk about anything at all to do with Roblox cars therefore if your a Roblox racing fan, your in luck! Please do not spam on the group wall, or you'll be exiled from the group, after all, if we all be mature and sensible, we'll be able to have a good discussion on the wall!"

So as you can see, I told them all the important stuff they need to know about the group and it would encourage more people to join. That's what the description is there for after all!

The next thing you need to decide on are the Ranks and Permissions.
Again it's important to use propper grammar and spelling, it'd be good to make a ranking thread in the forum. So people know what they have to do to get to that rank. For example "Race fan" then next rank up could be "Racer" then "Good Racer" then "Pro Racer" then "Extreme Racer" And so on.

Choose who can post group shouts and who can rank people up etc. By clicking "group admin"

Make sure you keep your group active with frequent shouts, try to do at least 1 a day. Also you could hold events e.g Race car races at a place. People will leave if they think it's inactive!

I hope this information has become useful to the beginners. Any questions? Send me a tweet! @TheJKid_Roblox

I'll be making more group tutorials like, how to make a successful clan and fan group.
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