Sunday, 9 October 2011

TheCoolDog's Plugins - New Leaderboard creator plugin!

Hey It's TheCoolDog here with my first plugin! Check out my new and cool leaderboard creator plugin.The link can be found on the Plugins page at:

This plugin comes with a GUI where you type in the name of the stat and then press create and it creates a leader board with the stat called the name that you typed in. Obviously you won't be able to see it until you play the game but you will notice a new script in Workspace. Don't delete this script because it is the script that makes the leaderboard. You can press create multiple times with different names and it will add them stats to the leaderboard. A handy plugin I say. Here is what the GUI looks like:

As seen in the image above there is a help button you can press for more info on how to use the GUI. So you won't go wrong.

Keep an eye out for the next TheCoolDog's Plugin!
Enjoy this plugin! Post in the comments what you think of it and/or post what plugins you'd like me to make.

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