Tuesday, 18 October 2011

TheJTroopers Calendar Released!

Hello JTroopers,
Since a meeting we had 17/10/2011 we came up with an awesome idea. Having a calander place where users could see the current TheJTroopers time whilst seeing the 6 day weekly calander. Over 15 members turned up to that meeting and they all loved the idea. That's what's good about meetings.

This calander is also a source from the mighty Op Lock Down (Op:Ld) for I'm training ever single member up to elite.

Link to the place:

Come to that place often, I recommend at least 3 times a week. This makes sure you don't forget what events are on and what times they're on. Remember you can come as many times as you like, don't be embarressed, we all forget things every now and then.

The calander room is simple, just look at the screen for the day, the event and the time. The calander gets updated every week. Sunday is missed out as a "break day" mainly because I'm busy on Sunday.

I advise you to visit the place and read the current "TheJTroopers Time" which is the Forum time. Take a look at the time it is where you are and compare the time differance. Now you know what "TheJTroopers Time" is for your time.

All events will run on "TheJTroopers Time" so no need to ask me if it's any different now that I've explained.

The calander may not ALWAYS go to plan, for example... It's monday and I'm making the weekly calander, for Friday I put down "Sword Training" at BLAH BLAH time. It then comes to Friday then I have to go somewhere. What happens now? If you are to complain that the event has not gone ahead, you'll be exilled, for that is spam. Why not just post on the wall that your going to do a "Training raid" or something with your fellow JTroopers, that way you'll still have something to do.

The shout is another crutual element to keep a close eye on. This is because if there's any sudden change in plan it WILL be posted on the shout, therefore you'll know about the sudden change straight away.

Another note to take in mind is that the Calander shows the "Main Event" of the day, so for example. Friday - "Meeting" that would be the main event, but that does not mean to say that there will definatly be no other events, like a "training raid."

Over time I will upgrade the calander. For example, when in comes to a clan war I could make a calander of when to raid, when to battle and when to plan.

So this Calander has many, many oppertunities ahead as well as improving the activity of TheJTroopers a lot. I cannot stress how many times people use the following reason for not turning up "I'm not allowed on that long, so I can't always be onlin at the right time." This reason is valid, so it's not an "excuse." Now with the calander you can know what time roughly you should be online and you can follow it through.

I recommend you stand about 5-10 studs back from the screen to read the calander clearly.

Thankyou my fellow JTroopers, I've heard your voice, I've followed it through. I look forward to this amazing activity in our glorious army.

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