Monday, 31 October 2011

TheJTroopers Plan Of Action

Dear my mighty JTroopers,
I'm going to tell you my current plan of action, just so you know what's coming so you can prepare yourself for a lot of activity, training and wars.

TheJTroopers currently have 3 bases, the HQ, Jebel Fortress and JOLT Sector. JOLT Sector is the only base with a raiding system so these issues need to be addresed.

The HQ is out dated, the guns need to be upgraded along with new vheicles and maybe a flag system.

Jebel Fortress is totally outdated now, I can't upload it or the whole thing breaks. It's basically got an error on it that's impossible to whipe off, even if I just try re-uploading the same thing. So Jebel fortress will remain as a base where we have meetings and training only.

JOLT Sector is our main base for now, the guns are upgraded along with a raiding system and updated tech. I plan on making a lot more bases like this so we have a change of scenery often and it wil improve our overall power.

Once the HQ is upgraded, I'll hold a regarter where we all go to the harbour and there'll be a big party with boats, stalls and DJ systems as well as a dance floor. There will be new vehicles too.

One of the main things I'd like to tell you about is the utility zone. It's turning into a great training facility, once I've finished. I will be selecting the most loyal and active troops to be trainers, however they need to be TRAINED to be a trainer, know what I mean?

The trainers will then hold training often by posting on the group wall. This will ensure that no troops miss out and that we can have a great length of activity and elite troops.

I plan on declaring a few wars and battling it out in fair warzones. As you may already know, we defeated RSO fairly with a breeze, so we know the taste of victory and we're sticking to it!

I'm looking for more High ranks too, however I'm going to be strict when I say this. I don't want loads of PMs saying "Please may I be a high rank" because you won't get it.

High ranks are chosen by they're activity, loyilty and skill, read the promotion guide for more information.

So as you've read, there's a lot in store to come for TheJTroopers. The boot camp will be gradually updated too, the boot camp will be the place where you can train without a traner, the script trains you by it's self as you do the "mini games" for training. Good idea?

Anyway I look forward to these updates and I'm sure you do to.
Thank you my mighty JTroopers and keep up the good work!

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