Saturday, 26 November 2011

Fun Script set ~ Anti-Noob Shields

Hey it's me TheCoolDog again. After the poll fun scripts won. So to celebrate fun scripts winning i'v made 2 sets of anti noob shields. So lets get started.

First off how do you set it up?
Simply change the value in the name object to your name!

Like this:

Now you are done.

But! There are 3 more things you can do(not needed).

Add your friends names to the safe list:

To do this go to the script inside the part that's called "Fire Shield script" or "Shield script" depending on what one it is.
Then go onto the script that is called "BurnMeFireShield".
The picture above is quite hard to see so click on it to make it bigger. Then in the safe list add your friends names. Please note: You don't need to add your own name the script does that for you!

Now you friends won't get hurt by the shield!

Change the color of the fire.

Go to the same script(BurnMeFireShield) and you can edit the vales of "Col1" & "Col2":

Set radius of shield.

To do this go the "BurnMeFireShield" script and where it says dist = 50 change "50" to the radius you want the shield to be around you(I think Telamon's was 50 so that's why I set it to 50).

Now you are all set and ready to have fun. But first let me tell you the sets extra.

Set 1/Fire Shield Set:

PlayerKill (Anti Team Kill/No AI kill)
What it does: Kills people who come close to you but if they are on the same team as you it won't kill them. Doesn't kill NPCs

PlayerKill (Team Kill/AI kill)
What it does: Kills people who come close to you and any NPCs that come near you and will kill your own team.

PlayerKill (Team Kill/No AI kill)
What it does: Kills players that come near you, if they are on your team it still kills them, and doesn't kill NPCs.

Set 2/Firework Shield Set:

It has all the same objects as the fire shield except it kills them in a more stylish way:

Don't change the name of any objects.
These are compatible with the insert tool(for insert wars :)!)
These give you KOs :)




Have fun!

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