Monday, 7 November 2011

Interview with and interesting 06'er! Robodude!

Hello everyone!
Today I made an interesting interview session with a very interesting robloxian called Robodude. He's from 2006 when ROBLOX first started!

So this interview is very interesting, Robodude wants people to get a nice taste of what 2006 was really like. So here you have it!

At what date did you join Roblox?
"I joined August 29th, 2006. It was a very early time in ROBLOX."

How many games were there?
"In 2006, there were hardly any games, mostly games like "Balance on The ball" or "building" Most of them were very laggy too and made by admins. Back then the were no animations on your character, everyone had the same exact avatar"

What was the catalog like in 2006?
"The catalog was empty, until 2007 when shirts came out. Then hats began to appear as meshes, which were published into models, then hats."

Roughly how many Players do you think were there on ROBLOX in 2006?
"At my time about 2,600, at the end of 2006 about 9,000"

After all these years you've been on Roblox, what's the best experience you've ever had?
"I think the best experience was hanging out with my school friends, we used to play games like miked's ultimate paintball."

What was the community like back when roblox started? Any Noobs?

"The community was truly excellent. Sure, there were a couple of noobs now and then. The small community got along, and the admins were just regular robloxians to all of us. Everyone used to play with the admins, mostly in are92's places."

When did BC Come out?
"BC cam out in late 2007, I believe, back then there was no TBC or OBC."
What were the contests like when roblox started? Where did the Domino crown come from etc?
"The contests were either video contests or building contests. For example, the domino crown came from the domino rally contest in 2007."

How old were you when you joined Roblox?
"It was my first MMOG I have ever played. I was 9."

What is your opinion on TheJKid's Roblox Updates? What do you think of it?

"I think it's going very well! It is looking pretty good! Keep it up! :D"

So there you have it! Feel free to send a message to Robodude asking him any question, as long as it's nothing personal!

Hope this was interesting!

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