Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Roblox Black Friday is Back

Since ROBLOX Black Friday was such a success last year ROBLOX decided to bring it back again. Between now and Wednesday morning you can fill out a survey telling which hats you would like ROBLOX to use during the black friday event. You will be able to vote for the hat you would like to become limited, a hat you would like to go 50% off and a hat you would like to come back on sale. You will also be able to vote for a retexture you would like to see published. On Thursday, ROBLOX will take the top items voted in each category and will make another survey. This time you will only be able to vote for the top hats out of each category. I am excited to see which hats win in each category. And remember to express your rights and vote for your favorite limiteds.

How do I know this? Read Brighteyes' tweets, she'll keep you updated on what here ideas are. 

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