Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Pesonal Severs: Anti bomb/rocket giver and anti c4 script

Hey! On personal severs these days there are way too many people who like blowing up peoples work. And it's not like you can keep an eye on everyone either. Because they will do it sneakily and you will only find out when it's too late. So how can we stop it you may ask? Well, with scripts :)! I bring you 3 scripts for personal severs:

Anti Bomb Giver

Anti Rocket Giver

Anti C4

So your question now is what does these scripts do? Well, the answer is stop people placing any of these 3 explosive objects. As soon as they click on the image of the c4 or whatever one it is they will be forced to drop the stamper tool(auto drop), and a message will come up saying that they attempted to place c4 or whatever object it was. If they go over 3 attempts they will be auto kicked. You can also adjust how many attempts they are aloud by changing the "NumOfAttempts" value inside the script. E.g. NumOfAttempts = 5.

<< As seen in the picture on the left

Now you have read about what happens how about some pictures:



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