Saturday, 18 February 2012

Gear Review: Lighting Orb

Lightning Orb
I'm here to talk about the LimitedU gear - Lighting Orb.

The gear it-self is very, very good in game. You just click and it makes a lighting ball circle you. You can walk up to any amount of players and they'll sit and take 25% of health off! It's really handy in a chase, as they cannot catch you when they sit!

This gear could get you a lot of KOs!

There are some disadvantages with this gear though, the main ones being the price and the amount sold. Personally I think it would not of been as bad and may have made some profit if only 50 were sold.

Another disadvantage is the genres. If it was 'All Genres' you would of been able to take it to loads of places! But unfortunately, it's Sci-fi and Fantasy. This gear would be more handy as more Sci-fi and Fantasy games that allow that type of gear are created. This may effect the future private sales price!

I would NOT recommend buying this gear for 10,000 robux, instead wait for it to sell out if you really want to buy it, that way you may get it for cheaper!

I hope this has helped, Thanks for reading!

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