Sunday, 12 February 2012

Standard's Raised! The Cardinal Fedora Hat Review

Hello everyone, for my first ever post I thought a good review to start on would be something which has captured the Roblox community for many years, and hopefully will still have a good few years left before the idea wears out. Now you might all be wondering what this old fool is blabbering on about, but surely there is only one thing which would capture your eye like this? Of course I am talking about the Fedora collection, with the newest addition to the group being released yesterday called the Cardinal Fedora, it seems that The Roblox admin's are pulling out all the stops in order to bring a new Fedora out almost each month and taking over the roblox hat industry by storm!

The Cardinal Fedora is ideal for many occasions on Roblox, be it from going to church, building at Sandbox, driving a Ferrari at Drive Blox all the way through to meeting Telamon himself (who of course will be wearing his own version of the Fedora!)

Cardinal Fedora

Cardinal Fedora

Creativity/Design : 10/10 - This hat still keeps that classical feeling close by when you slip it on with your raincoat as you brace the outdoors in this cold and chilly month. Or if you are one for romance just slide it on your head as you go to meet the one you love on valentines day, bearing not a box of chocolates but instead an identical hat to the one on your head! The hat still resembles the looks of its two counterparts, the Peacock Fedora, and the Blue Jay Fedora, so if you have an eye for a collectors item this hat will go down well with you and your Robux!

Colour: 9/10 - Plain and simplicity are often the most sought out kind of hats on roblox, yet sometimes you see something else what captures your eye, something that little bit different. But once again I wouldn't get your hopes up as we have yet to see the Fedora industry take on this challenge. However it still has that classical feel to it and along with the colour will go well with almost any of your outfits!

Price: 10/10 - For a hat made with such fine craftsmanship which closely resembles that of both the Peacock  and Blue Jay Fedora, one can only imagine wearing such a fine hat. However it can be yours today (Well technically yesterday :)) for £1,000 Robux! However because of the high rates of success of previous Fedora hats there were only 400 made which sold like hotcakes! So if you wish to get your hands on one of these stylish and classical hats you better be willing to part with at least £2,050 Robux! Which is currently the average market price on [12/02/12]. However you know what people say, A hat is only as good as the price which you paid for it, and looking at the fine quality of this hat I would say its worth every penny! 

Overall: 9.8/10 - Roblox never fails to amaze us with their fine craftsmanship of legendary hats, From the Classic Roblox Fedora, through to the Sparkle Time Fedora, and now to the New Generation of Fedora's that consist of the Peacock Fedora, Blue Jay Fedora, and now the exclusive Cardinal Fedora! So what are you waiting for! Go on down to the Roblox Exchange and buy yourself a hat today, as who knows what the price might be tomorrow!

Thank's for reading this review and I would appreciate any feedback which is given since this is my first review with my new job. Remember, If you know a hat and would like a review on it then you can contact me at dizzdazz4 on Roblox, and I will get back to you as soon as possible, before hopefully writing a review for you.

-Have A Great Day.