Thursday, 2 February 2012

Vortex Vibrates

A sudden action occurred two days ago as the 90,000 member roblox group "Vortex Security." Hit a major change. It's almighty famous leader "justgoaway1" decided he'd leave roblox in a dash, he said; 
"ROBLOX is a great game, but i'm too old for games. Programming is a constant bore, and the pseudo-responsibility of managing this clan is getting to me. Before doing this, I asked myself "what if you will regret this in the future?". Tough luck, I guess. It wouldn't be hard to get back up to the top again, but there is no reason to."

"Your rushing into decisions" ranted a fan. As they're all upset that a person they followed has left.

This could be a major set back for Vortex Security, OR COULD IT? As Vortex Security now has a new leader, his name being chibitobi

Chibitobi had heard of me before, so I managed to get hold of him, here's the interview.

What do you plan on doing with Vortex Security Now? Any future plans?
Chibitobi: Currently we're in a state of reform, so we're just doing a lot of trainings to get our members back to ranks they deserve. As for the future, we plan on releasing brand new tech (including vulcan 3.0), vehicles, weapons, etc. We then plan on doing one friendly war to break us in, and then we'll do the major alliance wars with UP
When you got chosen as the new leader, what was your reaction?
Chibitobi: I woke up at 7:30 in the morning sick, had 20 minutes before school (I'm a senior), I log on while getting ready, justgoaway tells me the group is mine and then logs off. I had to go to classes and I purposely got out early to come home and handle the situation. I wasn't very happy at first. But then I realized what it really was, and I got pretty excited.
Do you think you're set for this? Any concerns, any worries?
Chibitobi: I currently have no worries in my mind, c&g went from hating me to helping me and accepting me, and I'm in a great alliance that I can help, and recieve help from.
Will you miss justgoaway1? 
Chibitobi: I won't have to miss him personally.. He still comes on xf, and he has games other then roblox. We can still hang out and stuff, he's also volunteered to be in final battles if we do them.
What do you think of TheJKid's Roblox Updates, Would you recommend it to others?
Chibitobi: It's well built,  It looks like a game site. It's very eye-drawing. It looks pretty informative about clans and the clan world, so yes, I'd recommend to read it.

What will the future of VS actually shape out to be? We'll just have to see!

Thanks for reading!

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