Sunday, 31 July 2011

Raiding Training Report

It's been a great day of raiding training when we won a great victory at WIJ. Here's screen shots of how it went!

Before this we held another raid at castle cobalt!
Here's a YouTube video of the victory!

Well done to all who came. Here's a quick list of people who were there from the beginning of the raiding training till the end.
  • raptorhunternew
  • Yourpal
  • flynn15
  • PlaymobilDude542
  • Cheweez
  • ovenjoy
There were many others taking part, so don't be offended if your name is not on there. If I missed you out, sorry. 

I would like to thank EVERYONE for taking part in these raiding trainings and please continue your support.

Many Thanks,

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  1. Can you put the picture of Indigo Raid? - Troper RobloxOwner0 (ROBLOX)