Friday, 29 July 2011

TheJKid's Blog In The Making!

After hours of deciding I have decided to use blogger as my blog site for my Roblox Updates. It allows you to do a lot of editing whilst it's simple. I plan to make this a very active and interesting blog, so please follow.

I decided I needed to make an interesting site to keep all roblox fans on their toesm and give my own TheJKid roblox fans, a chance to keep up with me, so here we are!

In this blog I will give you updates to my latest creations and I will be throwing out the latest tips and tricks to help you boost up your Roblox account! Remember to check back daily because you don't want to miss a single tip!

Many of you probably know me as a graphic designer. But I have many talents that you would not believe, like my street dancing! So keep your eyes peeled on my YouTube account for my latest videos. You can subscribe at JordanRProductions.

I'm also an active Tweeter, so you may want to follow me on twitter as well as here! Search TheJKid_Roblox on twitter.

Keep updated with the latest polls so we can see what Roblox users like the best. Also we can look together at what interesting polls we can come up with!

If you want to get into some action, join my Roblox army! TheJTroopers. We're really active, yet fun and super high tech!

So, I look forward into making this blog a huge success with your help!
Thanks for Your Support!

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