Saturday, 13 August 2011

First Ever Roblox WebRally 2011 Report!

On Saterday 13th August The user Blockoo held a massive Roblox Web rally! Over 85 users took part in this amazing event. At the start speeches were held by users such as Blockoo, TheJKid and tompengu and many more! Users had tips on how to become famous along with other useful tips!

Everyone had a great time, as well as some laughs. Users also got to get to meet some of their famous robloxians such as me - TheJKid and RangeMeludE! I built a photo booth, so users could take screen shots with the famous Robloxians too!

Here's an awesome screen-shot of how it went! (click on them for a bigger picture)

There were tons of  user-created booths and stalls that were outstanding! Here's a picture of the size of the place.

So all in all a great event!
Thanks for reading!
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