Saturday, 20 August 2011

Plunger on Your Head - Hat Review!

First hat review on TheJKid's Updates!
Okay I decided I should do a hat review for the first time, so here goes!

The long awaited plunger hat has now come out into the ROBLOX Catalog. This goofy, yet funny hat makes your Robloxian hight, a lot higher, to about 4 studs. So it's not the hat to wear if you want most people to see the detail of your shirt on your profile.

Personally I think the bottom of it could of been more red, also a bit more detail to the wood would of been nice.

The hat gives the appearance has if someone trying to plunge something out of your head, which in this case, is gross. So the description is 1 word - "Gross."

Here are the ratings, from my point of view.

Color: 67/100
--Could of been brighter and more rich.

Detail: 85/100
--It looks realistic, apart from the wood.

Idea: 89/100
--Great idea and original for a hat. However I would not wear this to games often (makes you look goofy)

Overall Appearance: 81/100
--Makes you look taller, fun person and funny. 

So I hope this review has been successful, if you think different to my review post in the comments!

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