Sunday, 18 September 2011

ATTENTION: Hat Retexture Artisits

In order to do my next "TheJKid's Retexture Scoop" I'm looking for some cool, user-made retextures to add. People will then give opinions on your retextures and see what's good and what needs working on. The hats may be published if Brighteyes things they're worthy of the catalog and if the users like it of course.

So now your asking "How Do You See My Retexture?" Simple send me a Message on roblox or Tweet me @TheJKid_Roblox with the link to a few of your retextures. I will then review them and think weather I'll add them into my next scoop.

I'm looking forward to seeing your retextures! I will also add a few of my own.

Thanks! Get Retexturing!

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