Monday, 19 September 2011

Hotbaboo's Hat Reviews: Fire Fighter

Hello this is Hotbaboo again with another Hotbaboo's Hat Review.

Today's hat I'm reviewing is also a Limited U item which is called "Fire Fighter." It's a user-made retexture by eviljulian and I have to say, he's done a very good job!

This hat was selling for $1,500 robux. Currently you can catch one for around $2,000 which is not a huge profit, but it is a $500 robux profit anyhow, on with the ratings!

Color: 96/100
The Red and the Black really work together

Size: 90/100
Perfectly fits on any robloxian's head. Eyes are view able,
but not to much mouth.

Money: 82/100
I would think this hat to be around only $500 robux, and people
could buy it at 1,500 so which you would get a nice profit.

Total: 88/100
Nice fitting, a little too much as a Limited U for if you are BC,
many OBC bought this hat.

Suggestions: I would say if you can try to snag one for $1,700 robux,
you could probably get a small profit. Do not buy one more that $1,700
because you are wasting your money

There is 2 twins of this hat, another retexture and the normal hat.

Flora Fighter (Green)(Limited U Item for also $1,500 robux

Ice-Nine Dronehelm (Blue)($99 robux)(Not Limited U)

Thank You For reading this hat review!
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Hotbaboo (Hat Reviewer) Signing off!

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