Monday, 19 September 2011

Guide On How To Build An Essential Clan Fort

In this guide I will explain  a simple, yet essential guide on how to build an essential Clan fort.

Sometimes people ask me "How can I improve my fort?" or "Is there any problems here?"

Well it's quite simple when it comes down to a few points. So read this and take note next time you build a fort, it may be the differance of people liking it.

Anyway, here's my simple, but essential guide.

One of the key factors is the layout of your fort. If your layout is bad then your not going to have visits and when you come to add any means of transport, your going to be stuck. So here's some tips on your layout.

Something that I find handy is to plan your layout of your fort by drawing it out.

Here's an example of the layout of a fort I am building for my friend.

Notice How I've explain everything with detail. So when it comes down to building, I have it all to look back at, a clear mind of what I want the fort to look like.

The size of your fort can depend on what you want in it, some people like to make their forts so massive that there's tons of empty space, this is bad. It will incourage people to leave and cause lag for nothing. It's fine making it big as long as the space is useful.

This comes good when you want to make your fort realistic. Trees, grass and water are good sorces to build a good terrain. Once you've decided on your type of terrain, weather that be, deseart, woodland, feild or island. You need to decide on the placement. Make sure your fort fits in with the landscape and not just on a flat peice of grass, this makes it look more realistic.

#Building the Outer and interiour of the fort.
When doing this you need to make sure you're building it to the right scale of what your placing inside your fort. You also need to make sure that there's someway of raiders to get in, this makes it fair. Another thing to remember is to make the fort defendable, so make walls with a ladder up to them so your men can shoot up/down at the raiders.

Try to build these yourself if you have the skill, or you could buy them off soemone. Myself have made my own weapons to suit my clan and style. Some people charge alot for weapons because they may be very good at making them. But be wise, look for the cheapest but quality option. The weapons themselvs should not be overpowerd or to weak, they should be balanced and have some way of ammo. Raiders and Members should start off with the same weapon each, JUST to start. But there could be an armoury so your men can get more. You could have a hidden section for raiders where they can get some weapons too. All in all weapons depend on your style of fort.

When making buildings, don't just clutter the place with random ones that are empty. Be creative and spent time on each building in your fort. You need to think of the key buildings which would be of use to your clan. Here's a few to get you started. Meeting room, cafe, recruitment building, armoury and a hall. Of course there are many more that I could type in it's just I don't want all the bases to be the same so I'm gonna leave the other choices to you.

#Access and group only doors.
In your fort you should have some, but not too many group only doors. This will give chances to the raiders to actually get in some buildings. Some groups like to have different devisions. They make it so only a certain devision is allowed in a certain part. E.g High Ranks are the only ones allowed into the Hogh rank meeting room.

It's important to have seporate teams and spawns for each team, this way you want have ff killers or spawn killers. It also gives raiders a chance to walk. Teams are crutual, this helps you know who's in your clan and who's not. If you don't know who's in your clan your gonna find it hard when it comes to attackers. Think of all the team killers.

#Description & Title
These are very important to get right. The fort name should be origional and make sense. It's good to make your fort name have something to do with your actual fort. Your description should explain the rules and how the raiders win. Weather they have to hold the base for a certain time, capture a flag, get to a point and so on.

This is probobly one of the BIG mistakes people make when it comes to fort building. They don't make up their own building style and use free mods or just try to build their fort like the other clan. This will make your clan drop and people will think you have not creativity. So prove them wrong and make forts origional and with creativity.

Some people like to have their fort the same colors as their eblem. This is very good and it makes your fort personal. Same for weapons and rooms within buildings.

I think I've coverd the key points of building a successful clan fort and I hope this has helped you. If I've missed ANYTHING important out, feel free to post it as a reply.

If you like you can join my clan - TheJTroopers and check out my forts. They're still not fully finished but they're ready to check out.

Thanks for reading, hope this helped!

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  1. @Group Only doors you spelled "High" as Hogh and 'colors you spelled "emblem" as eblem.Other than that it helped allot :D

  2. This is the handiest demonstration I've seen! I should keep this on hand if I ever make a clan!

  3. Do you mind me taking a look at the map you posted on this post and trying to build it on ROBLOX, TheJKid? I'll give you credit if I use it and its succesful.

  4. Nicely done. I think this will help many users.