Thursday, 29 September 2011

Hotbaboo's Hat Reviews: Dark Soldier of SQL

Hello this is hotbaboo here. Today I'm reviewing a hat called the Dark Soldier of SQL This hat was selling for 150 Robux and a total of 1000 were sold.

Only 85 people are selling this hat and the least currently you can buy is 750+ robux. So a pretty decent profit was made. I think that this was because of the SQL bandanna is selling high. Therefore it's part of the SQL series.

Here are my my ratings.

Color: 92/100
The red and the Grey really work together.

Size: 95/100
Works with many faces, to make it look spooky use black or green as you character face color.

Total: 93/100
This hat works very well, but I would like to see a brother
of this hat being green and blue, which would give this hat
more lightness

If you can snag this hat for no more than 500 robux, sell it for 800,
you could get a small profit.

Go to an autction house and see if you can find somone that will lower it for you! Who knows? Someone may want to really sell it if they're saving for something bigger, giving you a chance to grab one!

Thanks for reading! Look out for the next Hotbaboo's Hat Review!

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