Friday, 30 September 2011

TheJTroopers Operation Lock Down Meeting

I've been thinking through and decided that TheJTroopers may lock down to manual aproval at 1,000 members. I will then train every single member up to be great. This will improve everyone's skill, which will make us really active, therefore a superiour clan to ALL clans.

Keep an eye on the shout, I will be holding training VERY often. So be sure to try your best to turn up.

Operation lock down will effect a lot of things in TheJTroopers, so I'm still debating about it. However when it does commense things will start to get strict. I only want the loyal, respectful troops. If your not one of those then leave. Either that or I'll exile you when you turn up to an event if you prove immature.

Raiding will also get so much more intense as we start making enemies with other clans that are about 1,000 members big, therefore we have a chance to prove our true skill, power maturity and streanghts, as well as a change to right any weaknesses we may hold.

We will start to grow and grow, but unlike VAK. We are not going to mess around and raid every base we see, that would make us hated, due to the fact that VAK do empty sever raiding which is totally out-of-bounds in the clan world.

Aa for ranking, if you nag to get a promotion you will be exilled forever from TheJTroopers. Your fortinate enough to be in the group so don't waste your chances.

As the group developes and grows further I'll be needing some high generals, I will speak of this closer to that date though.

So here's my announcement. We 80% WILL be holding this operation. So try to get in NOW before it's to late. Only the best troops will then be allowed in. Don't blow your chances either.

I look forward to meeting some of the new, loyal recruits and training the not so loyal up to be skilled warriour.

Thankyou My fellow JTroopers. I will be holding a meeting about this operation soon also, keep an eye on the shout.

If you agree with operation Lock Down. Post either "I agree/Disagree to operation lock down because..." On the group wall.

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