Saturday, 10 September 2011

Important Post to ALL staff

Hello, I'm Doogy700(also known as Doogy7000 but Doogy7000 is my alt), and this is a post to all the staff members that have not created a blogger account and/or have not been invited to contribute to the blog.

Here is what to do:

Please make a blogger account using your email address in the spot it tells you to put it in. Then enable people to see the address. Then post a comment on this post saying Hi or something so I can click on the account and invite you to the blog, next go onto your email after I say I invited you and you will get a email from the site inviting you to join, click on the link, and you have contributed. Also before you post, get the post reviewed by TheJKid by emailing him it or PMing him it on ROBLOX.

Thank you



  1. hi this is hotbaboo(Hat Staff Editor)


    Please give me allow me to edit