Wednesday, 7 September 2011

New Group Layout!

There is a new group layout, click on one of you group and you should see that it has changed. I think this is manly because they are releasing new group features

If you like it post "I support" in the comments.
If you do not like it post "I don't Support" in the comments.

John Shedletsky says there will be a group vs group system so you can have official wars!.This will make Clans a lot better! However It makes it a lot harder to see everything because it's all piled up, where as before you could see everything on one page, therefore it's a lot more difficult to navigate around the page.

Another annoying thing is that the group shout now is even shorter! This makes it harder for the leader to communicate within the group.

This new group layout will probably change, as the web designers are probably experimenting with the site appearance. If the users do not like it, they'll change it. That's what's good about the staff. But remember be patient, the Roblox team are working on new features all the time!

Hope This Was Interesting!


  1. "If the users do not like it, they'll change it" - No, the admins said that they will never revert updates. I support this anyway

  2. I don't Support it. Shouts are short enough as it is and now they are even shorter

  3. I hate it! Roblox NEVER listens to it's community! The ROBLOX Team needs to focus on fixing things, not making pointless updates!!!