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Survival Finale Tips And Recipe List!

Okay if you have never heard of the "Survival" serious on roblox. I'll explain it. Basically you build a village whilst hunting for your food, mining, foraging and battling other opponents to claim they're land.

In this guide I will explain many recipes and some tips on how to do well on the last Survival game in the serious "Survival Finale" This will come in use to many players, being as the game is very new.

Here's the link to the game

How To Use The Tools
Okay first when you start off. Once you have gathered something, it will show up in the list in your inventory tool. To select something, simply click on it. Also, hovering over items will (usually) show a short description about it which can give you hints to crafting recipes.

To select an item as one of the two ingredients in a recipie, you can either click Select As Ingredient 1/2, or press Q for Ingredient 1 and E for Ingredient 2. To then attempt to craft the one (or two) ingredients together, use the Craft button or press Z.

If you want to drop something, select an ingredient and click the Drop button or press F.

If you want to eat something that is in your inventory, select it and press Eat/Drink. If you don't want to bother to gather something first, then simply walk up to a food or water source and click Eat/Drink without anything selected. It will Eat/Drink the nearest food or water source.

Finally, if something isn't working or has glitched, press R. This resets the whole tool. 

Quite a lot of recipes (Will Be Updated)
You can send me more by sending me a message on roblox. I'll then update the list. Here's what I've found so far.

This list was written by TheJKid, you have to right to copy this and post this anywhere else, but in notepad and say that you've written it.

Pontoon Hull                                                             = Pontoon X 2
Stone Pickaxe                                                          = Branch, Sm Stone
Lumber                                                                    = Md Log X 2
Handle                                                                     = Crafting Knife, Branch
Rope                                                                        =  String X 2
Pontoon                                                                      = Lg Log
Deer Pen                                                                    = Lumber, Deer Carcass
Spear                                                                    = Branch, Sharp Stone
Carbonised Iron                                                       = Iron, Coal
Stone Wall                                                             = Masonwork
Stone Wall Corner                                               = Masonwork
Sharp Stone                                                      = Sm Stone
Club                                                                    = Branch
Palisade                                                              = Lumber
Palisade Corner                                                = Lumber

Raft                                                            = Lumber
Heavy Pickaxe                                          = handle, steel
Heavy Axe                                                = handle, steel
Heavy Sword                                             = handle, steel
Pontoon Sailboat                                       = Pontoon Hull, Rigged Sail
Hut/ Storage hut                                        = Lumber, Md foliage
Iron Pickaxe                                            = Branch Iron
Iron Axe                                                  = Branch Iron
Skinning Knife                                        = Branch Iron
Iron Sword                                          = Branch Iron
Cotton Plot                                          = Lumber, cotton
Rigged sail                                         = sail, rope
Furnace                                             = Masonwork, coal
Sail boat                                            = lumber, sail
Schooner                                          = Lumber, Rigged Sail
Sail                                                      = cloth x 2
Clothing/String                                       = Cotton x 2
Campfire                                            = Md Stone, Sm Log
Carpentry                                           = Crafting Knife, Lumber
Chicken Pen                                      = Lumber, Chicken Carcass
ALL Stone House Parts                        = Masonwork, Lumber

Tips And Tricks

  • Pick a good place to start your village, next to a water pool, the sea (so you can make a harbour) and also if your wise, you should pick an area that you can build a wall around to stop intruders coming in to steal your stuff.
  • Make a club when you spawn, it's handy if someone tries to steal your spot.
  • To get coal, go to the thunder bold island found far away (looks very rocky, quite big)
  • Someone trying to get away with stealing your stuff? Put your boat down in front of them so they go on it and try to get away, leave them sail it a bit, then re-tool it, leaving the enemy to drown!
  • Need more space? Put your pens on top of each other, so you'll have all the animals in one big pen.

Hope this was helpful! You have no right to re-publish this.


  1. how do u make steel

  2. You can also make a large house/mansion by making a crafting hammer and a crafting knife (both made by steel+branch) then using the knife on lumber (Md log+Md log) and the hammer on masonwork (lg stone). Then use your two new objects, carpentry and advanced masonwork, to create pieces to an enormous house. I have pictures of houses that I crafted multiple times. Add this to the guide if you want too.

  3. smelt carbonised iron to make steel