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Tips & Tricks On How To Make A Good Advert and Get an awesome CTR!

Hello, I've made way post 250 roblox ads, since I joined roblox, so I know what I'm talking about when it comes down to user advertising.

When making the ad you want to make sure your using a good program that allows you to be fully creative, so use a good painting software where you can draw etc. I recommend, but to be honest it does not really matter if you can draw.

In order for the ad to stand out, the contrast must be at a level where the text stands out, but not too much. For example, if you had a pale blue background, white text outlined in deep red would be perfect. However a pale blue background with with deep red text outlined in black, would be totally inappropriate and the whole ad would clash into one big horrible heap.n So to stop this happening decide on the right contrast colours!

These days loads of people totally abuse the render effects in the ads, e.g Light rays, splatter and clouds and it just does not go well when it comes to people clicking the ad. Being as everyone can do it and it's not original or cool in any form. So I suggest you draw your background yourself and experiment! That's what I do and look at my ads! 

Some ads however, are far to plain. Make sure you include pictures and give people the vital information they want to see on the ad. For example "Join the team today, we're active and we always enjoy a good Laugh" would be way more attracting to users than "Join Now. We're cool!" The first example would be way more attractive  don't you think?

However some people include far too much info on the ad than is required. They end up with no space or pictures and they're ad is just filled with boring text which users won't read. So be wise when it comes down to how much you write.

When it comes to fonts, you should pick a nice bold font and not use ANY font generator sites as they can be copyright and it's silly to get a site to make fonts for you because then everyone can make an ad just like you! So be original and creative and comes up with new ways to design fonts, again EXPERIMENT!

Some people ask me "Not many people click my ad, but it looks awesome!" or "Why is My CTR so low?" Well the CTR feeds on not only how attractive the ad is, but what the ad is about. For example if your really into tycoons and you see an ad about role-playing then your not going to click it. A handy thing to do is use a trick I call "Half-My-St00f" you say part of your place then leave it there and look attractive. For example: If tycoons become really popular at one season and you've made an obby, don't say it's an obby just say "Can You Help Save Bob?"Understand what I mean? Although they'll know it's an obby when they click the ad, they probably will end up checking out your game!

Another key thing when getting people to click your ad is the text when you hover over your ad. Commonly called "Mouse over-Text." When people hover over your ad you want it to make them click it, after all they've got far enough and they're looking at your ad. But when the hover over it they'll have a shock if it says something like "n00bs I can't think of text to put H3R31!1!!" So make sure you use grammar. Sometimes simple words like "Play Now!" Or "Get This Shirt Today!" will encourage clicks. If you've ran out of text space when designing your ad some people like to say the extra text in the mouse over-text for example "...We are elite and active, we have a really nice uniform and great high ranks." This way you have more space in your ads for pictures and more vital information.

I hope this guide has come in great help to you, as I've spent a lot of time thinking this up to make your ads the best they can be! Who knows? Your ads may eventually get you famous!

My advert came up in the Roblox Rally 2011 in the opening speach on the big white board when Builderman was talking about user-advertising. Here is the one he used of mine to show the audience what incredible ads are out there on roblox.

Here's a few more of my ads. (click on them for a larger view)


Thanks! Hope this helped!

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