Wednesday, 21 September 2011

ROBLOX Model's Mystery: The Key

If you look in ROBLOX's Models you'll find a Key that's not public domain yet it's uploaded. This key has a very nice mesh with a grey "R" on it, the Roblox small logo.

What possibly could this Key be for? A new gear? A new Hat? A New ROBLOX Place by the administrators? We have yet to find out! I'll keep you updated to see if Roblox is working on something special with this key. Or is it just some scenery for a place.

In case your wondering where to find this key on what it looks like. Here's the link and a picture of it.

Post what you think it may be for in the comments, or discuss on the Roblox Talk forums leaving the note "TheJKid's Roblox Updates: Key Mystery" at the bottom of your post.

Personally I think it'll be used for a new "Welcome To Roblox Building" part in their stamper tool with a door. Who knows?

Hope this was interesting!

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