Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Terrain Generator Coming Soon!

Keep an eye on the banners on the roblox site more often now. As Roblox are experimenting with different terrain generator tools, designs and reducing the lag.

So next time you see a banner telling you to go to you should do it! Who knows? You may be the first to see a new update. It's very interesting to see what Roblox have been working on to see a sneak peak of what's coming to the real roblox!

There are many, many YouTube Videos showing the terrain generator so I recommend you watching a few, if you can't make it on to a gametest that is.

Personally I think the terrain generator is going really well. Great detail, design, not too much lag and very smooth! I tried driving one of my terrible suspension tanks on it and it worked super well! I could almost drive up any hill and down!

Here's a screenshot:

You should experiment to. See if you can find any glitches or flaws and inform the admins on the gametest forum. You can also experiment using your own vehicles and planes to see how it works on the terrain generator!

Hope this was interesting!

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