Friday, 16 September 2011

TheJKid's Retexture Scoop #1

Ok I've decided to start a new topic in my blog posts! It's called "TheJKid's Scoop Of Retextures " and this is the first series!

Along with this 1st series I will be making uploading my "How To Make A Retexture" video, it will come out on this blog soon!

Anyway, the point of this is you say if you like the retextures I post. I will not just post my own, but I will scoop out retextures that I choose and you post in the comments what you think of them.

Set it out something like the following
I think the "NAME OF RETEXTURE HERE"  is good/not good because "REASON"  
I'd rate it NUMBER/100

If you think you have some good retextures tweet me @TheJKid_Roblox  I will look at them and choose weather I'll post them in my next scoop!

Now for my first scoop.

Artist Headphones:
 Bloxxer Tie:

 Rich Man's Top Hat:

Thanks! Keep an Eye out for the "How To Make A Hat Retexture" Tutorial!

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