Friday, 16 September 2011

New Package! Space Troopers Review.

There is a new package! "Space Trooper" This nice, elegant package goes well with loads of 'neutral coloured' clothes and shows real potential in the Catalog.

It's price is cheap, considering it's a package and on average they cost 450 Robux. Personally I think it's worth it and I recommend wearing it with the any following hats.

This package may also go well for mix-n-matchers! My favourite part are the boots for mix-n-matching due to the fact that you could wear them like their posh shoes with a tux.

So basically this package is a good all-rounder and I recommend it as a 'must buy' if you have the money. The detail could of possibly of been a little bit better though.

Hope This Was Interesting!

1 comment:

  1. They need to make some packages for NBCs and that also cost tix! I can't afford BC, NOR can I afford buying Ro$! I'm a little angry, foo!