Monday, 12 September 2011

Tips And Tricks On How To Keep A Healthy Stash Of Robux

Gaining Robux and saving for something can be a struggle for some members, as there are so many temptations to splash your Robux out on. For example, your saving for a certain hat that's 10,000 Robux then a new limited comes out that's 6,000 Robux and you buy it and can't get to sell it for profit.

Sometimes it can be the other way round, when you want money ready for a new, awesome limited that's going to come out, then you spent it on other stuff and forget about the new limited and realise you can't afford the new awesome limited. For example, you know a new dominus is coming out and you don't know when s you wait for it then see another hat that you really like and buy that instead. Now you miss the new dominus and can't get it again.

So basically this is a simple, easy guide to help you stay at a healthy amount of robux so you use your robux wisely and only when needed,

#1 Getting The Robux
Before you have robux to invest on other items you obviously need to earn them in some way. There are many different ways to get robux here are a few.

#2 Investing Your Robux Into Limiteds
This can be one of the most tricky parts and where people go wrong. This is because there's so much temptation in buying the wrong limiteds.I know this full well because I've done it a few times in the past and trust me, it's not a nice feeling.

So to make sure you do Investing right, follow this advice.
  • Don't buy any limited that does not look appealing or nice in any way.
  • If a limited is selling in a quantity 300 or lower and selling under 300 robux then it's a must buy. (as long as it looks good of course) 
  • Before you buy, see if it's selling fast.
  • The Lower the quantity the more it's worth.
  • The better it looks, there better it sells.
  • Don't rush into selling straight away into selling it after you've bought it. Unless the price is dropping.
  • Some people collect certain numbers, here are some of the most popular selling numbers. #1 #13 #101  #last one  And also some people will pay a lot if they're name has a certain number. E.g If someone has 44 in they're name then they may collect that number, therefore they'd pay more.
Once you've got a bunch of limiteds you can sell them off, earning 1000's robux. The next best thing would be to wait for an awesome high-price limited to buy and sell high. E.g the dominus.

#3 Using Your Robux Wisely
You can spend your Robux by either re-investing in more limiteds, spending it on one of your dream hats or trading it into tix for advertising your items, groups or places the ad must be good as well as what your advertising. By spending it on any one of them is wise as long as you follow the previous tips.

As much as I can I will also look out for new limiteds and I will post on twitter weather I think you should by it. Just follow TheJKid_Roblox

Hope this helped! Feel free to check back on this page to re-cap and also post in the comments if you have any questions.

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