Saturday, 22 October 2011

First Hoverboard released!

Ghost Hoverboard

R$: 250   

You know in the TheJTroopers HQ, I made that awesome hoverboard. Well there's a new gear that does the exact same thing! Yep, that roblox promise came to reality when it because released as a Limited U.
The hoverboard on your profile page fits your character like the skateboard. It looks nice with green shirts and pants. 

Here's what it looks like on a random person:
The gear was priced at R$: 250 and it's made quite a decent profit. As you can see by the private sales. Which all-in-all is pretty good considering a total of 1500 were sold. The gear attribute is Personal Transport so this will be allowed in most skating places too.

The description it self backs up as evidence, that roblox promised us hoverboard gear. "Finally- the future I was promised is here! Hoverboards! Because ghosts are too cool to skateboard."

If you want to buy one I suggest you aim for around the 500-600 robux mark if your looking for profit, otherwise 700 robux is fine. After all, it's not all about the profit, it's about how good the gear is.

You drop the gear on the floor and then you hop on it and hover around the place. Making you look high tech, on the go and a good sense of travel!

I personally think that roblox will be making more hoverboards as weeks progress! Post what you think in the comments!

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