Monday, 24 October 2011

I suggest NOT buying the new limited: Scythe Sayer

The new limited Scythe Sayer I'm sorry to say, is NOT going to make profit. I'll explain how and why, this should increase your skill in investing.

The price of the Scythe Sayer is at a whooping high 1,000 robux. A limited would ONLY sell well either if the hat looked SUPER EPIC, or if there were only below 150 sold.

The colors of the Scythe Sayer don't really go together well and it looks odd on your character. Who'd want to buy your limited if it looks ugly? However some people have different tastes, so if you DO want the limited, buy it AFTER for cheaper once it's sold out.

The speed of how it's selling is super slow, giving the impression that users don't like the hat, or that it's too expensive. In this case it just proves that this limited will not make profit.

Here's the link and image of the Scythe Sayer.

Hope this helped!

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