Tuesday, 25 October 2011

New TheJTroopers Base!

TheJTroopers JOLT Sector!
Hello Everyone!
My clan, TheJTroopers now have a new, fair, raidable base called "JOLT Sector."

The base itself is named  after a movement. "JOLT" means to move suddenly, which in war you do a lot, to dodge and to sword fight. 

Here's the story behind it.
"Back before there were any raiders TheJTroopers only had 1 base, the HQ. It was then getting to crowed which only forced us to expand, this ended up being a grassy wasteland where Jebel Fortress was made. The only problem being is that the systems did not work there, so they had no power due to too many parts. They suddenly has a attack from the east and it was VERY unexpected, it caused them to JOLT and quickly build up an amazing base that was powerful, a mighty sector!"

The base was built in 2 days! I spent almost all hours of each day building it. So that proves how suddenly they built this sector. "They built it with a JOLT!" said one JTrooper.

Anyway I'm going to explain about how the base works and what it does.

The base is entirely conquerable, all raiders have to do is break in and take the flag. Then the spawns switch leaving the raiders spawn inside the base! The raiders then have to hold the base for 900 seconds (15 minutes) to win. Once they've won a message will come up saying "Raiders WIN" which will show up for 1 minute. For a raid to be official there must be at least 4 TheJTroopers at the sever.

The more KOs you gain, the more guns you get. Here's the amount of KOs you need to receive the following guns.

  • JNorgu, baton = 0 KOs
  • JStag = 15 KOs
  • JKM = 25 KOs
  • Cobra = 45 KOs
  • Minigun = 100 KOs
This makes it fair for both teams as they all have the same weapons but they can gain more if they're skilled. The weapons are added to your StarterGear if you have enough KOs and you will receive them when you die.

Here's some nice screen shots I took of the finished base. Click on them for a larger image.

I hope you all like the new base as much as I do, if you have not seen the base I suggest you take a look!

Hope this was interesting!

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