Friday, 7 October 2011

The Terrain Generator Is Here!

The Terrain Generator is out!
As mentioned in the roblox rally the awesome Terrain Generator is released. This feature is very exciting! It allows users to generate awesome terrain and  mold it as you wish using the awesome terrain tools!

Here's what they look like.

This feature will seriously change the way roblox games will look like! It's an honor to use such a great feature. See how creative you can be! There's so much you can do!

Take a look at this nice screenshot I took, showing off the awesome generator!

I can't wait to see some new awesome games made with awesome new feature! Feel free to tweet me some of your places, I'll check them out! 

The terrain generator is accessible from Roblox studio it may be updated in the feature as roblox try to improve everything to their top standard!

You can create craters!
You can make giant ORBS!
You can adjust the height to make it extreme!
 Or you can flatten all the terrain at your desired height!
Build pieces of terrain to suit your place!
Drive vehicles up your terrain and blow it up making creators, holes and maybe even blow up a tunnel for you to go through.
Make bridges too! It'll flatten the road out for you to walk or drive on with awesome supports! Awesome eh?
You can delete any terrain piece that you like! This means you can make tunnels, underground rooms and even make a giant cave!

You can make craters, ditches, bridges, tunnels and the possibilities are endless! Experiment with all the tools and build amazing detailed places! Post what you think of this new awesome feature in the comments!

Hope This Was interesting! (It's My Birthday today)

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