Saturday, 10 December 2011

4 New Gifts and How To Get Them!

Hello everyone!
4 new gifts have been released! They look very nice!
I'm going to tell you how I think you get the 4 new gifts. Unlike most places where people express how to get a gift, we give much more detail and explain a few possibilities!
Remarkable Gift of Experience

Getting this gift is obvious there's no question about that. You have to get 5,000 exp at:
If you have 5,000 exp you'll get this badge. Owning this badge, means you'll own the gift when given out.

You gain exp by building there, using the stamper tool. Your exp will gradually build up. I recommend getting at least 1,000 exp each visit.

Personally I think, judging by the colours and the style of this gift, one of the following may come out of this hat:

  • Christmas Tree Hat
  • Snowy cap
  • Snowy winter hat

Badger Badger Badger Gift

 Here are the 2 possibilities I thought up.

  • Earn the Badger Badger badge at the truss and slate demo by Telamon.

  • Own a certain amount of badges that have a rarity of Hard or over.

For example, Rarity: 10.5% (Hard) have 30 badges of that rarity. Or maybe around Rarity: 06.3% (Extreme)

I think a badger hat would come out of this, but you never know! Sometimes roblox don't always make what's coming out of a gift obvious.

Epic Builder Present

This gift, by no doubt I can guarantee you get this gift by having a place of yours get onto the top 100 of this!/all-games?GameType=Play&t=PastWeek section at a certain date, or just get in that section with-in a time-range.

By just knowing how hard this gift is to have for some users ,the look of the gift and the colours. You know that something very awesome will come out of this gift. Maybe a golden trophy!

Orchid Gift of Alliances

How to get this gift, is a bit more of a mystery than the others. I think this gift may play on words, making it a lot more harder to work out.

Here's what I think the 2 possibilities of getting this gift are:

  • Own a group (maybe of a certain size) and make alliance(s). I think this as it states "Alliances" in the gift's actual name. The description also mentions it. Personally I think you have to make many alliances because in the description it uses "many".
  • They may have played on words, which I highly doubt, but maybe you have to get all the ties in the catalog. As ties can mean "a draw" or the clothing item. The description has the text "diplomatic ties" At the end.
Maybe an army helmet or a tie, who knows? The colours in the gift  are royal (Purple+Navy Blue), so I think the gift may be worth a lot.

I Hope this has been a help to you all! Remember to check back daily as we'll be giving you info on every gift!

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