Sunday, 4 December 2011

Guide on how to survive a Roblox Natural Disaster game!

Hello everyone! It's cole7778 here today with a cool new tutorial on how to Survive a Roblox Natural Disaster game!
Here's a small picture of the place I'm talking about

It was created by Stickmasterluke, Here's a picture of him below!

First off you have a choice, you can buy VIP which gets you a balloon when you enter the game so you have an advantage of surviving more than others, I bought the VIP to this game because i thought it would help me out a lot and it did.

There's about 5 different disasters here's a list of them below!

1: Tsunami

2: meteor shower

3: Tornado

4: Flood

5: fire

Fire is the easiest to survive because all you need to do is stand on the grass or stand on the top of a tree!

for me, Meteor showers are the hardest to survive because i always get hit when I'm on the first floor of a tall building, those meteors are sure strong!

Floods, all you need to do is go on the tallest thing you see on the map, if it falls over just jump and run to the next tallest thing that's not fallen over.

Tornado's, Try running around the edges of the map that way you have less of a chance to get swept away!
TIP: Don't go on high buildings! even if your on the tallest thing in the map the tornado can still instantly kill you!

Tsunami's, They are pretty easy to survive if you got a map that has something tall, if you don't try to go on the next tallest thing like a trailer or a power plant.

Thanks for reading! I hope this was a big help to you all. Want to have a specific tutorial? Message me on roblox explaining what you want a tutorial on, Thanks!

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