Sunday, 4 December 2011

Disco Santa Hat Review

Disco Santa Hat Review

Ho, ho, ho there ROBLOXians, Winter Intern Poke here with the latest hat review! This hat is ideal for getting your Saint Nick dance moves, dating back to the 1970s!
Disco Santa
Creativity/Design: 9/10- This hat actually matches the requirements of what the name of the hat is, usually ROBLOX names hats that doesn't match what it looks like. This hat's creativity is great, the mustache is black not white, theres a disco ball replacing the white fur ball on Santa's hat, and it has a pattern of pocka-dots!

Color9/10- This hat's color matches Santa's old hat, but I really think ROBLOX could have added a little more color.

Price: 10/10- This hat's price is AMAZING, with a price of R$: 75 and over 1700 buys!

Overall: 9.5/10- Everyone go buy a "Disco Santait matches the trend for this month, and probably get put on the naughty list for impersonating the old man!

Merry Christmas!

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