Thursday, 29 December 2011

Guide To Making Good Ramps

Hey guys, It's intern Free, and in this post, I will be showing you how to build ramps that a car can go on.
Making a SIMPLE ramp (Scroll down for advanced)
Step 1: Add a brick to your place
Yes, a simple brick. By the way - The best place to work with this is an empty baseplate.

Step 2: Re- size the brick
Make it a medium large square brick. IMPORTANT: Make sure it's as wide as you want your wedge.

Step 3(Optional): Color, or flatten your brick.

Step 4: Go to insert > Object > Wedge part.

Step 5: Align your wedge with your brick and re-size it so that it's the same height and width as your brick. Example:
Step 6: Anchor your bricks.

Step 7: Play the game

Step 8: You have a ramp!

This one is hard to explain, so I made a video.

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