Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Interview With Defaultio!

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When Did you Join Roblox?
I joined Roblox in October of 2007 after an internet search for an online game to fulfill my life. I found Roblox, a game in which you make stuff! This appealed to me, and that was it! Of course I started as everyone else likely did, if not worse off; I was using strictly the copy, delete, and move tools with strictly the given blocks at the Happy Home and painting what I wanted with the paintball gun because I knew no better. Good times.

What's your roblox hobby?
I enjoy making games. That's what I'm here for, and while I enjoy making games, I find fulfillment in people's reactions and comments to them. This keeps me going, and I hope I can  continue to have time to make games for people to enjoy!

What's your favorite hat?
My dream hat in the beginning was the Void Star, but above that Clockwork's shades were always it. As soon as I found it on sale, I went for it. Price didn't matter. That's it. And Fuchsia Fantastique. Stylin'.

What's the best achievement you've had on roblox?
I consider my climb to where I am now pretty remarkable, and I continue to surprise myself with what I find myself doing next. Often, I do things because I don't believe that I can. That was the case with my coaster tool. I was really interested in coasters at the time, and I wanted to get my hands on a tool, which I could have bought from someone for two million tickets. But I wasn't feeling that price. So I challenged myself, and that was it. I learned a lot on that project, and with every new project I take on. I've achieved and continue to achieve with everything I make hands on experience and knowledge which I learn from to make whatever is next.

What's the funniest moment you've had in roblox?
Ummm. I'm sure I've had plenty of those. I'll dance around the question and say something somewhat relevant to it but still fail to answer it. I think that Roblox is great in that it is not only an extremely flexible platform for creating games with the ability to code in Lua, but also the way that it allows users to share the game. The social networking works quite well, and when a person isn't a six year old annoyance, there are often quite interesting people to find here and strong friends can be made.

What's the hardest moment you've experianced in roblox?
What is often most difficult is coming up with a solid game idea to work from. If it's a really good one, you can just go and roll for hours on end and put out a game in a few weeks. Often though, projects get distracted from or run out of substance never are finished. A good game idea is definitely hard to come by. It is also difficult to turn people down. Often, people approach me asking for help or advice or just to hang out, and I really wish that I could, but there are too many people to please everyone.

What are your future roblox goals?
I just want to continue to make games that people will enjoy playing. I hope I can have the time to do so and will be inspired with great ideas to make into games. Really, what I live for here is to see people happy, enjoying something that I've made. That is fulfillment to me.


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