Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Korblox Time!

Hello readers!
Today roblox released, 2 new epic korblox items. The Korblox General what I'd say is the best package ever. I'm not talking about just cool color, I'm talking about the detail in this new package. They also released an awesome gear called Korblox Sword and Shield.

I love the detail and the effort roblox put in, I also love the color scheme used to give that awesome armor effect.

As for the new gear Korblox Sword and Shield.
This awesome gear can easily do a one hit kill with out even clicking! It also increases your max health when you take out your shield. To get or put away your shield press Q. If you click and press w a few times you will do an awesome special attack move where you spin around VERY rapidly causing you to get tons of KOs. As well as what the gear does, it looks awesome. Roblox have made up a great animation when you swing your sword making you look stylish as you earn your KOs.

Hope this was helpful and interesting!

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