Thursday, 8 December 2011

Paintball Place Review!

Hello this is FamousX with TheJkid's Roblox Updates Place Review!

Today what I am reviewing is "Paintball!" By Daxter33.

This game is really famous with 3,747,755+ place visits.

Many of the amazing ROBLOX Staff have been here for paintball fights!

When you enter, you enter in a transparent lobby in which you can look at the map.

When a game starts, to make it fair, Daxter33 was very smart to make a "Zoom in to play" script so
it makes the game a first-person shooter.

In this game, the gameplay is quite easy to find out. Your main goal is to capture flags, team swap,
and team elimination. This game does not run out of gameplay with many maps to play on.

In this game, you can throw grenades at the opposing team and also shoot them with upgraded guns.
On the leatherboard, it shows your XP and level. This helps to show that how skilled you are at this

This game does not have quite as many guns I thought it would have but, it still does well.
This is not Daxter33's first game. He had made "Laser Tag and Laser Tag 2" which was a huge hit
to the ROBLOXian community.


GUI Work, 98% (Amazing, it even shows who killed you or you killed who)

Script Work, 98% (Same as the GUI, amazing. Guns work perfectly and nice damage)

Building, 94% (I was told that he did not make all the maps himself, but he gives credit)

Effort, 93% (This game was solid, many updates, and hopefully many to come!)

Lag, 88% (There is some lag, but not so much for a crash or anything to worry about!)

Total, 94.2% ==> MUST VISIT GAME!

Here is the URL to this amazing game which is worth a visit!

Daxter33 also put a Mega Game Version of this game, meaning more players!
(Recommended for people that have fast internet)

This has been FamousX, a winter intern here at TheJkid's Roblox Updates!

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