Friday, 2 December 2011

Welcome to the Town of Robloxia Place Review!

Hello and this is FamousX with a place review for TheJKid's Roblox Updates!

Today for a place review we have:

Welcome to the Town of Robloxia™

This game was built and created by 1dev2

In the past, this game had problems with some mean people,
but now it is all fixed and updated.

As you enter the game, you enter to a nice GUI that shows you the whole map
by a bird's eye view. This helps you search things out when you reset.

When you choose which job you preform, you can choose a house and Role-Play
as being things as to a News Person to to a Criminal.

This place has one of the best cars I have seen in ROBLOX, with not a lot of
lag and really good steering and everything is porportional.

Lag Situation: 87/100 (Not much lag, except in the beginning in which there is lag.
Scripting: 96/100 (Amazing Scripting, I have found not a lot of glitches.
Effort: 93/100 (You can see all the effort in this game, I would add more unique house though)
Building: 94/100 (The building makes everything polish, nicely done!

Here is the link to this 8,000,000+ Amazing Game:

Notes: I would just to recommend that 1dev2 to make a second in this amazing hit!
So many fans love the game! I would love to see more!

This has been FamousX, A winter intern for TheJkid's Roblox Updates

Important: I used to be Hotbaboo (A hat reviewer here, but this is my main account now)

Farewell untill next time!

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