Tuesday, 30 August 2011

TheJKid's Roblox Updates Is Interviewing Staff!

Because of this blog is growing at an awesome scale it is wise to get more staff. So I am now holding some interviews at . Keep an eye on that place for when it says "Interviews On Now!" An easier way to do this is keep an eye on my twitter @TheJKid_Roblox.

The method
The method is quite simple really, but essential.
Here it is...

  • I'll record every interview asking the same questions to each candidate
  • After I've had enough interviews, I'll look over them, choosing the ones Who I'd think would be good staff
  • In the end I'll hold a final meeting where all the candidates come together and I'll say who's got a job and what they should do.
What I am looking for...
I am looking for some mature over-13 staff who listen and respect. No swearing, follow the roblox rules.

People must send me a draft of the review before the post it so I can check to see if it's okay to publish that post.

I am looking for some Html, jquery and java programmers.

I am looking for people who can advertise the blog and keep it popular.
I am looking for people with loads of twitter followers so they can advertise the latest blog posts.

I am looking for people who don't want any pay, all of this is for volunteers. You get fame from this though.

If you have any questions, feel free to visit an interview session and ask me.


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