Thursday, 1 September 2011

Guide To Being A Mature Roblox Forumer

#1 Read The Rules
Before you rush into the typing. Get your mind into the rules, to make sure your posts do not get deleted. The rules depend on the forum your on. For example, if your in Roblox Talk, then everything HAS to be about Roblox or it's spam, however if you forum in Off-Topic then your meant to talk about stuff OTHER than Roblox.

#2 Decide On Your Main Forum
Most people have 1 favourite forum that they post on all the time. For example, some people may want to spent their time looking out for deals all the time in the "Lets Make A Deal" forums. So they spent loads of time bidding, discussing and buying limited items.

However, a lot of immature Forumers get off on the wrong foot, which leads to spam and pointless thread posting or replies.

Here's an example. Someone posts a thread with this title on 'Lets Make A Deal':

"Trolololol! I haz 100 robux, I feel like eating too!"
This is an example of a Forumer who's posted a pointless thread, just to increase their post count. So don't get carried away and spam, just to get your post count up!


#3 Picking a Title To Your Thread
This can be vital, expecially if you want someone to read your post. Some people think their clever by saying stuff like. "CLIC HER TO GETZ 100Z O ROBX FR33!11!!!!" Posting titles like this will not only get you haters, but will get your thread deleted and maybe along with a warning or even a BAN! So think of a good, catchy title that's actually to do with your thread. Like "How Much Would You Buy My Fedora For?

#4 Writing The Post Content

Make sure you DO NOT do the following things...

  • Ask For Donations
  • Say "NAME HERE" is a noob! -- This'll get you banned for Personal Attack
  • Spam
  • Disobey The Roblox Rules
Things that make up a GOOD THREAD!
  • Grammar
  • Correct Spelling
  • Interesting Topic
  • Sensible and essential title
  • Not too short
  • Makes Sense
  • Obeys the Roblox Terms and Guidelines
#5 Replying to Threads
Make sure you do not spam, whine or moan. Follow the rules. Use grammar and correct spelling. If someone says something you don't like, don't worry. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. However is someone is being mean, report them and DON'T REPLY TO THEM - Otherwise this can result in a flame war and you both could be banned for a while.

Be honest and don't just follow the crowd, be mature.

#6 Some Handy Tips
  • Write your forum thread in Microsoft Word First, so then you have an auto spell-checker!
  • Ignore the childish, their people who are NOT mature Forumers.
  • Check over your post at the end, to make sure everything makes sense.
  • Only post when you need to, don't post pointless threads.
  • NEVER Make assumptions.
  • NEVER Argue
I Hope this has been a help to you, feel free to check back to this guide before you forum.



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  2. Pretty good. I hope other Roblox members will see this.