Sunday, 4 September 2011

Bloxxer Cap - Fastest Selling Hat! 200,000 sales in 3 months!

I was looking through the Catalog and found that the Bloxxer cap has has stormed past 215,000 sells in 3 months! This makes it the fastest selling cap of all time, for years to come, how fast will it reach 300,000? We'll find out!

This can come in handy for Investing in Limited items, it clearly shows that anything limited, selling for cheap, looks good has got to be popular!

Just imagine if the Bloxxer Cap was limited for 500 sells. It would of sold for at least 1.5k Robux! So I advise you, if any caps come out, cheap limited. It's definitely worth investing in! 

Who knows you may even be able to make past 20k Robux, if you grab a skater cap!

The Bloxxer Cap's appearance itself is very nice, giving users the chance to wear a classic-style Roblox hat. This makes it all the more attracting to it's buyers. Also loads and loads of Players who can't afford the every-day Robux hats have a chance to grab an awesome looking hat for only 10 tix. 

"It's plain but attractive, the classic Roblox cap." --TheJKid

I hope this tip has come in handy as there may be more caps to come.

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