Monday, 5 September 2011

First Gear to reach 100,000 sales!

The ROBLOX GameStop Card just stormed it's way past 100,000 sales, making it the first ever gear to reach 100,000 sales! A piece of Roblox history.

The card it's self is very detailed, colourful and goes with many outfits and hats, which makes it a really popular character appearance for many users, which reflects on it's sales.

As for it's price, it can be bought for a super cheap 10 tix! So anyone on Roblox can afford it which also reflects. For people who joined in 2010 it was their first ever gear that they could afford.

Roblox made this gear to celebrate the release of ROBLOX Cards at GameStop.It was selling at limited edition in GameStop so it was special enough for them to make a gear of it.

The gear in-game it's self is very good, transforming the card into various Roblox games to play with your friends!

I wonder if anther Roblox card comes out, we'll see!

If you want to buy a Roblox card in real life, there is more information at. I suggest you look at it!

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