Tuesday, 6 September 2011

New User Re texture Published!

Yesterday, there was an awesome new tie published called "Cool Story bro" It was an awesome limited, selling at a cheap price of 25 ROBUX, it's a limited, that has no doubt about when it comes to buying it! Although 1,500 were sold, because of the tie looked so good and it was cheap, everyone decided they wanted to make a lot of Robux from it. So now it's selling around 500 ROBUX!

Let this be a lesson to new investors, remember to buy EVERY Limited hat that is selling below 40 ROBUX as it will make profit! I know this from the graphs shown under the item.
The appearance of this tie makes it give a warm, casual feel to the users who wear and look at it. As well as going with many different outfits this tie is very good to wear!

It was re textured by the user "Dexare" who is talented in re texturing and is in the Official Re texture channel! So congratulations Dexare for his second Retexture published!

I recommend keep an eye on this tie for snipes, you may be able to catch one for 200 ROBUX! Well done if you managed to buy it for 25 ROBUX as it was selling really fast!

So overall this was a successful user-made re texture that has made a lot of users happy, by improving their character's appearance. 

Hope this was interesting!

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